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Everything you need to know to stay safe from widfires!!

3.1.2023 | 123-456-7890 |

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Anyone who would like to join our committee is welcome, we would love to have your input and creative ideas.  Please contact  Beth Rubio at 770-861-6940.



The Ready, Set, Go! Program seeks to develop and improve the dialogue between fire departments and the residents they serve. Engaging in this dialogue is particularly important for the fire service, because national studies have shown that firefighters are uniquely respected in their communities and can project a trusted voice to the public preparedness appeal. They can also explain what fire resources are available during an event and the role that individuals can play in preparedness and early evacuation – if called for by their local officials – to increase the safety of residents and responding firefighters to a wildland fire.  Click here to go to their webste

The Forestry Commission is here for YOU!!!

Everything you ever needed to know about Forest Management, Forest Fires, Mitigation, Burn Permits, and so much more!  Click here to go there...

We are a FIREWISE community!

Here, you can learn what you can do on your property to get yourself ready for a fire, and ready to "shelter in place" should you not be able to get off the mountain.  We live in such a delicate environment where it is often really dry, and so we need to be prepared.  Click here to learn more about being Firewise!

Hug The Bear!

Smokey has a great website with lots of information - you can find him on twitter and on Facebook too!  Click here for his website...

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